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Brush Strokes

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Brush Strokes

One would think that as a builder, the last thing I would want to do for relaxation is to paint. Having tools and projects always in focus, it would make sense to seek activities like – sports, fishing, hiking. Well, that’s how all of these passions collide and for good reason.

My travels as a builder and designer take me to some of the most beautiful locals from Northern Baltimore County to Maryland’s Eastern Shore. With the help of my iPhone, I often capture “images” that inspire me as a builder – and as a painter.

I was introduced to art at an early age. Our family home contained paintings by my great grandfather, Charles Fawcett, and my aunt and uncle who were also artists. At the age of seven, I began to paint by numbers and experiment with water colors and oils – teaching myself along the way.
In my twenties, I painted occasionally but chose a career in wood working, home restoration and design. That career choice has served me well – and after 30 years away from the canvas I revisited my love of painting.

Today, my inspiration comes from Maryland’s country side and the Chesapeake Bay region. While walking our dogs, hiking or fly fishing my eyes are opened to the images, light and seasons – in a new and different way. I realized this must be the way an artist sees life.

My work and palette are very simple. As I continue to learn, each painting is a new experience. I’m always nervous when I begin a painting but the advice from an important 19th century American artist settles me – “When you paint, try to put down exactly what you see, whatever else you have to offer will come out anyway”.

My work represents a man learning to paint.